Moving a Duplicate Value from a Row to a Column

I am merging two datasets and one of them has duplicates and it’s causing allot of issues. I want to remove the duplicate and create a new column.

I have applications that are monitored by 1 of three tools (Dynatrace, SCCM, Tivoli). The data is currently set up so that the application name is listed multiple times representing that it has more than one monitoring tool. I want to make three new columns in PQ, each column representing the monitoring tool.

Moving Duplicate Values from a Row to a Column.pbix (21.6 KB)
Tools.xlsx (10.6 KB)
End Result.xlsx (10.6 KB)

Hi @chad.sharpe ,

Just duplicate the Monitoring Tool column and Pivot Column to Get


PBIX file

Moving Duplicate Values from a Row to a Column v1.pbix (27.4 KB)

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It’s funny, the more you learn you sometimes make simply things more complicated.

I spent most of yesterday, trying to figure out a solution around “unpivot” because i learned about it a few months ago. Where as pivot, I’ve been using for years…lol


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