More DENEB awesomeness - and an unintended use

I could have titled this: “Who can spot DENEB in the below image”? :joy:
OK, let’s rewind a bit. I have been working for months now on a complicated project - lots of data to compare, lots of custom visuals which might not be so easy to use for the newby user to PowerBI - like for ex. @Greg Deneb Example - Linked Charts - Deneb Showcase - Enterprise DNA Forum.
So I was wondering how to best train the users, and teach them the different features - by experience, if you don’t do it, users will only pick a few and miss many more which might be useful to them.
So I started to add the question mark button you see in the image - it’s an information panel as per , so you click on it, and an overlaid image will appear with explanatory callout (via bookmarks).
But still it has its limitations - updating is cumbersome, and to explain everything you end up having a lot of text.
So I remembered Nikla Ilic’s (10) Chefs big book of Power BI recipes-Nikola Ilic - YouTube, where he is teaching users how to set up animated tooltips for visuals (min 34 approx. of the video). I thought that was exactly what I needed! So I made a quick test gif video, set it up as a background for a page, and used it in the help tooltip of a chart.

Great, but still how do you tell users to look at that chart, look for the small question mark, and hover on it to have a tutorial on how to use that report page? I was challenged by the team on this.

Doing the same with buttons/images is not possible in PowerBI - a tooltip as report page is only available for visuals (as far as I could see). So (and sorry for the long prequel story - I hope it helps to understand the context!!!), here DENEB again comes to my rescue.

DENEB does allow for page tooltips. So with a little bit of fiddling, I linked DENEB to some data in my report just to get it going, made the mark for them transparent, and added a mark with an SVG image to render a “play” button - so yes, the third icon in my image is DENEB!

I also added an href in the mark - so when the users hover on the “DENEB - icon”, they see the video directly on the PowerBI page, but if they click, they can open the mp4 version of the video (stored of course in a place where all report users have access), with the possibility to play it alongside on another window and to pause it as needed.

I made a quick mock up using the linked charts example…
eDNA Forum - DENEB as tutorial.pbix (4.9 MB)

So hopes are high now, with all DENEB can do, that it will start to make tea for me by v2.0 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Again sorry for the lengthy post - with all the possibilities that we have to make more comprehensive charts today, training to the users in my view is becoming an essential part to make sure we harvest the maximum efficiency from the reports.

Have a good day!
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