Monthly Report with dynamic month names


Hi every one,
Could you please help me with an issue.
I have data that will be updated every month.
Using this Data I generate a monthly report. In the data, there is periods from 0 to 12.
Period 0 represents the current month.
My problem is: In the table of my report I want the name of months that appears and not the numbers.
Taking into account that from one month to another the period 0 will change according to the current month. I created a table in wich the first column there is Periods from 0 to 12 and I wanted that in the second column I put = Month(today()). But the formula was not accepted.
I was thinking about defining a parametre that will be asked to the user when he opens the report. He enters the number of the current month and it will genererates in my table the name of the month. But I don’t know how to do it. Do you have any other suggestions please?
Thank you for your help !


All you need to do here is implement this date number logic into your date table.

This will solve all of this and simplify it immensely.

For example

Dynamic Month Logic = 
IF( MONTH( Dates[Date] ) - MONTH( TODAY() ) < 0,
    12 + MONTH( Dates[Date] ) - MONTH( TODAY() ),
        MONTH( Dates[Date] ) - MONTH( TODAY() ) )

This should do it for you I would guess.


Thank you Sam, I’ll try it and keep you informed if it works