Month over Month calculating incorrect

I have the following measures, but my Last Months in the current months context doesn’t match the previous month. What am I doing wrong?

RMA Count (#) = 
    //DISTINCTCOUNT('Transaction Lines'[Transaction Internal ID]),
    SUM('Transaction Lines'[Quantity]),
    'Transaction Lines'[Type]="return authorization"

RMA Count (#) (LM) = 
VAR sliceByDate = SELECTCOLUMNS('Transaction Date', "prevMonth", 'Transaction Date'[Calendar DatePreviousMonth])
    [RMA Count (#)],
    TREATAS(sliceByDate, 'Transaction Date'[*Date (trans)])

RMA Count (MoM) = 
[RMA Count (#)] - [RMA Count (#) (LM)]


Hi @Usates,

Without the sample file it is hard to just work with the given DAX code could you please help to upload the sample file.


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@Usates Couple of things missing here, you are not using time intelligence functions to shift dates back, and you need to include Year and Dates column as well for getting previous month’s value.

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