Monitoring Power BI Premium capacity

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Are there any tools to help us monitor our Premium Capacity resource? Occasionally users tells us that Power BI is running slow and it would be great to be able to do a live check and see what our CPU / Memory stats are.

I already have access to the Premium Capacity Metrics app, but I don’t personally think it is that good or that it contains live up to the minute usage stats.

Is there something better that we are unaware of?



With the app, administrators use the app’s Capacity health center to see and interact with indicators that monitor the health of their premium capacity.

The Metrics app consists of the landing page, called the Capacity Health Center, and details about three important metrics:

Active memory - evaluate your capacity’s resource consumption for usage.Active memory is the memory used to process datasets that are currently in use, and which therefore will not be evicted when memory is needed.

Query waits - Query waits is the time the query takes to start execution from the time it was triggered.

Refresh waits - The Refresh waits metric provides insights to when users could be experiencing report data that’s old or stale.

copy from the link below:

Hi @adesinamk,

Thanks for looking at this for me and taking the time to summarise the tabs in the app.

So am I correct in thinking that this is the only way for us to monitor our Premium capacity? There are no pages within the Admin or other portals to see a truly live status of the capacity?


Hi @Mark

Follow this link to see how you can manage capacities in power bi premium from the admin portal.

Hi @adesinamk

Thanks again for the link. Looking through the MS documentation, it shows that there should be a Health tab under Capacity Settings:

However I can’t see this. Can you?


Hi @Mark, did the response provided by @adesinamk help you solve your query? If not, how far did you get and what kind of help you need further? If yes, kindly mark the thread as solved. Thanks!

Hi @Mark,

If you go to apps, then “get apps”, search for “Premium” there’s an app for Power BI Premium Capacity monitoring (Power BI Premium Capacity Metrics). It’s not terrific, but it might provide you the information you’re looking for.

Hi @MichaelNield

Thanks, but I was already aware of that app, see 2nd paragraph 2 of opening post. I think we are in a agreement that its not that good unfortunately. It does surprise me that MS don’t go to town with their ‘own’ Power BI reports, such as the Premium Capacity App and the very basic Usage Reports?!

The Health tab does look better (see a few posts above) - are you able to see this?



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Hi @Mark,

Ah, yes, I see that, now… ha.

Agreed, their reporting is sub par. I do remember (although can’t find to hand) an admittance to this by Microsoft and a comment they had this in the pipeline to improve upon. Alas, no such improvement since then. If I find that note, i’ll post it here for posterity.

If you’re still looking for the Health tab, I can see it. It appears when you click on a specific premium capacity.


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Hi @MichaelNield

Aha - got it now, thanks!

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