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Microsoft Teams Tasks Export

Hey DNA Team,

Has anyone, imported Microsoft Teams Tasks directly into PowerBi before? I know I can export to excel from Planner. But, I would like to skip that step an connect directly to the live source or something a can refresh easily.

Thanks in advance.


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you likely can as they are both microsoft products. Did you do a youtube search?

PS…there are a lot of videos on youtube

Hi Keith,

Yes, I did search around; and yes you would have thought it would obvious, considering you can now bring PowerBi into teams.

Simply getting my teams tasks, due date, assigned people, etc…seems to be evading me.

Thanks, Adam

i just typed in “microsoft team tasks import into power bi directly” in the youtube search there are few videos that came up.

you might not get everything in one video but it would likely give you some other ideas too
thanks Keith

Hi Keith,

No, none of those videos show how its done.

Thanks, Adam

ok…looks kinda interesting :slight_smile:

@adam ,

The native Teams/PBI integration ain’t great. As far as I know, there’s just one connector in beta form that captures the following three tables. I ran this on my Teams data and then unpivoted the columns so you could see the general structure of each table.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this gets you what you want.

  • Brian
  1. Teams Usage:

  2. Teams Usage Summary:

  3. Teams User Activity

Hi @adam ,

You might have to look into the Graph API…

I hope this is helpful.

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