Microsoft Call Quality and CQD dashboards

Hello there

I have sucessfully setup the Microsoft Call Quality Beta Connector and am getting correct data in the CQD Power BI reports.

I notice that ‘Direct Query’ is the only method that works for Data Storage Mode.


The report pages refresh incredibly slowly, so I would prefer to use ‘Import’ for Data Storage, so that I have a local copy of the data in the PBIX file, instead of the ‘Direct Query’ method.

I have tried switching from ‘Direct Query’ to ‘Import’ mode, so that the data is loaded into memory, but I get nothing in the ‘Data’ pane. In fact, the data in my reports disappear once I switch to ‘Import’ mode.

Does anyone know how I can get this data set (654) columns into Power BI, or SQL server, or even Excel ?

Thank you

Hello @Floyd,

Thank You for posting your query onto the Forum.

Can you please provide the steps that you’ve followed to convert it from DirectQuery to Import?

Secondly, if possible can you create a copy of that file and re-import the data and check whether the data is getting perfectly loaded into that file? Also if the data gets loaded you can try deleting the old query and connect it with the newly loaded data.

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To change from DirectQuery to Import I simply clicked on the message in the bottom right below

The connector can be setup by going to

The PBIX files can be downloaded from

A screen shot of the connector is below

Regards Steve

Hi @Floyd

I have checked the Microsoft Blog and it clearly states we can only use Direct Query with Microsoft Call Quality Beta Connector.

The reason it’s not working on changing to Import as it is not supported. Don’t think we can help here as it is connector limitation. We can only provide information on this that is available on Internet

Ankit Jain

Hi Ankit - thank you for this. I agree, it’s a connector limitation. If you know of anyone that is pulling data from MS Teams in another way, please let me know.

Thanks again Steve

Hi All

I want to build a custom report from MicrosoftCallQuality connector and wandering how to filter the output by call timedate

Looks like connector has a filter parameter but I cannot find any instructions on how to use it


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