Merging mutiple similar lists but different languages


hope that someone can help me with this problem.
on a monthly basis I receive 9 files , the structure of the XLSX file is the same but the headers are in different languages
in Dutch (4) and French ( 5 )
I store them in the same folder. But how do I solve the problem with the headers ?
headers are in row starting with criées for french and veiling for dutch
and how do I handle the block in the first 5 rows ( marked in brown )
is this a additional query on the same xlsx table?

any help is much appreciated
thanks in advance


attached 2 screenshot from the files and 2 XLSX files
clotureGlobal 2024 moisX FR def.xlsx (17.3 KB)
Maandrapport 2024 maandX NL def.xlsx (24.1 KB)

Hi @Roger,

In PBI the usual answer - it depends what are you try to achieve
Attach you can find PBI for FR transformation
and based on that also for NL transformation

I need to change Excel name, sheet name
and transformation about what is In and what is out transaction so it can be concatenated in Column name but rest is very similar.

I use original query (from xlsx) - and 2 references on top of that (one for first 4 rows and one for rest).

Test_FR.pbix (50.6 KB)
Test_NL.pbix (60.3 KB)

Hope it helps.


Thank you very much for your answer.
That is the easy part, the hard part is to make it a workable pbix with all the 9 files merged together and analyze where the food is coming from( in ) and what is the destination ( out )
and make a reports respecting the two languages. ( we are in Belgium after all !?)
See the screen shot below? Just one of the tables

The 3 th line are the 9 entities BAB BAC BAL ……
So I was thinking to use unpivot the columns to make it work but struggling with the two languages

Thanks in advance


Hi @Roger ,

I believe you mean append since you have same structure - but on different languages. Sorry I didn’t catch that part.

No problem - just put all in one PBIX, and use Append Queries option within PowerQuery

More about Append you can find at:

Curbal shared some ideas about creation of multilanguage reports in PowerBI you can check at:

Good luck.

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I did mean Append, sorry about that, The link to ruth’s website solved the problem.

I found the link to another site which offered me the solution of the headers
thanks for all the tips.
the link below for whom is interested in the solution

Manage headers in bulk #8: (M)agic (M)ondays
Manage headers in bulk #8: (M)agic (M)ondays (