Merge or Append


I have a Query that has Account Code and Branch and columns for last Year , This Year and Next Year Budget. At the moment the This Year and Last Year have values. It also has a merge from a Query that brings in the Account Name.

I have another query that has Account Code, Branch and Next Year Budget (with values but no Account Name).
I want the first Query to produce a table that has values in This Year, Last Year and Next Year Budget and that the New Budget rows will also get the Account Name.

My question is do I merge (I don’t this would work) or append.
And how to I ensure that all rows in teh final table get teh Account Name

Thank You for your help


Hi @AllisterB,

To optimize DAX calculations it’s prefered that your data is in a Tabular format. Basicly this means that each data element has a separate column. Elements in your example could be: Dates, Account Code, Account Name, Branch, Budget and Actuals.

All Power Query transformations will depend on the way your data is organized at the source.
A good place to get started is here:

I hope you find these resources helpful.

Hi Allister,

Append add rows to existing query. Since your 2nd query does not have “Account Name” and you want “Account Name” in 2nd query as well, so you will have to do merge instead of Append. I think you will have to do Full outer join, but you can have a play. Full outer join will ensure that you get all rows and you can get “Account Name” as well from first query. Please let me know in case it works/does not work and show some sample file?

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