Memory consumption in large Power BI model

Hello All:
Hoping that one of you can help me understand the memory consumption on Power BI model.
My model is about 6 Gbs on Power BI desktop. My laptop has 64GBs for memory.
One of the report visual gives me an error “There is not sufficient memory for this visual. Please try again when more memory is available”.
I tracked the memory usage on my laptop using Task Manager and the memory usage showed about 15Gbs and then the message pops up.
Questions: (a) Why is Power BI not addressing the maximum memory of 64Gbs? (b) Is there some parameters in Power BI that I need to change and is so which ones? (c) Could there be some physical issue with the computer ? Thanking in advance for your help.
Best regards…Adi

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What does your data look like?

Hello Deron (kaDargo):
Thanks for your note. It is Patient Claims data over a 5 year period with about 500 million rows. The Patient lookup table (masked) is about 26 million rows…hence the cardinality is very high. The 500 million row tables has 14 numerical columns and 2 textual columns. The text values in both of them is small and low and low cardinality. Thanking you in advance for any help.
Best regards…Adi

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@Adi It may be caused by the data model being too bloated(large data model , complex queries…) and low local machine configuration.

Please kindly check how much RAM and CPU Power BI is taking. And refer the official document to optimize the data model.

Hello Pooja:
Thanks for the tips. Will review the document you shared the link with.
Yes, I know my model is large due to large datafiles and high cardinality of one of the dimensions. In the task manager it shows that the Power BI consumed about 15 GBs and then gave an error; whereas my machine is 64GB for RAM.
Thanks for your thoughts.
Best regards…Adi