Melissa date table replacing fiscal to financial year

Hi All

I am new to Powerbi and currently following the beginner course. I have downloaded PQ date table which is fantastic work. However is there a possibility to change the terminology of Fiscal to Financial as (UK audience) in the query?. I have tried to replace it but it has created weird data. Thanks for the support

You could simply rename the columns you want to change Fiscal to Financial in PQ before committing the data to the model.

However, the attached may help if the you want the full code modified throughout!
Fiscal - Financial.pbix (264.9 KB)

Hi David

Many thanks for your prompt response much appreciated. Unfortunately i am unable to open the PBIX It seems the version you have kindly shared seems incompatible with the work version i am using. If you ask which version I will have no clue :slight_smile:

i think most of us are running December 2023 version.

I can download the file that @David uploaded.

I hope this helps

that will be great Keith and merci beaucoup!

I am using December 2023 version. However the M Code for the Financial version requested is here if that makes it easier.

let fnDateTable = ( StartDate as date, EndDate as date, optional FYStartMonthNum as number, optional Holidays as list, optional WDStartNum as number, optional AddRelativeNetWorkdays as logical ) as table =>
FYStartMonth = List.Select( {1…12}, each _ = FYStartMonthNum ){0}? ?? 1,
WDStart = List.Select( {0…1}, each _ = WDStartNum ){0}? ?? 0,
CurrentDate = Date.From( DateTime.FixedLocalNow()),
DayCount = Duration.Days( Duration.From( EndDate - StartDate)) +1,
Source = List.Dates( StartDate, DayCount, #duration(1,0,0,0)),
AddToday = if EndDate < CurrentDate then List.Combine( {Source, {CurrentDate}}) else Source,
ToTable = Table.FromList(AddToday, Splitter.SplitByNothing(), type table [Date = Date.Type] ),
InsertYear = Table.AddColumn(ToTable, “Year”, each Date.Year([Date]), type number),
InsertYearOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertYear, “CurrYearOffset”, each Date.Year([Date]) - Date.Year( Date.From(CurrentDate)), type number),
InsertCompletedYear = Table.AddColumn(InsertYearOffset, “YearCompleted”, each Date.EndOfYear([Date]) < Date.From( Date.EndOfYear(CurrentDate)), type logical),

  InsertQuarterNum = Table.AddColumn(InsertCompletedYear, "Quarter Number", each Date.QuarterOfYear([Date]), type number),
  InsertQuarter = Table.AddColumn(InsertQuarterNum, "Quarter", each "Q" & Number.ToText([Quarter Number]), type text),
  InsertStartOfQuarter = Table.AddColumn(InsertQuarter, "Start of Quarter", each Date.StartOfQuarter([Date]), type date),
  InsertEndOfQuarter = Table.AddColumn(InsertStartOfQuarter, "End of Quarter", each Date.EndOfQuarter([Date]), type date),
  InsertCalendarQtr = Table.AddColumn(InsertEndOfQuarter, "Quarter & Year", each "Q" & Number.ToText( Date.QuarterOfYear([Date])) & Date.ToText([Date], [Format = " yyyy"]), type text),
  InsertQuarternYear = Table.AddColumn(InsertCalendarQtr, "QuarternYear", each [Year] * 10 + [Quarter Number], type number),
  InsertQuarterOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertQuarternYear, "CurrQuarterOffset", each ((4 * Date.Year([Date])) +  Date.QuarterOfYear([Date])) - ((4 * Date.Year(Date.From(CurrentDate))) +  Date.QuarterOfYear(Date.From(CurrentDate))), type number),
  InsertCompletedQuarter = Table.AddColumn(InsertQuarterOffset, "QuarterCompleted", each Date.EndOfQuarter([Date]) < Date.From(Date.EndOfQuarter(CurrentDate)), type logical),

  InsertMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertCompletedQuarter, "Month", each Date.Month([Date]), type number),
  InsertStartOfMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertMonth, "Start of Month", each Date.StartOfMonth([Date]), type date),
  InsertEndOfMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertStartOfMonth, "End of Month", each Date.EndOfMonth([Date]), type date),
  InsertCalendarMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertEndOfMonth, "Month & Year", each Text.Proper( Date.ToText([Date], [Format = "MMM yyyy"])), type text),
  InsertMonthnYear = Table.AddColumn(InsertCalendarMonth , "MonthnYear", each [Year] * 100 + [Month], type number),
  InsertMonthOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertMonthnYear, "CurrMonthOffset", each ((12 * Date.Year([Date])) +  Date.Month([Date])) - ((12 * Date.Year(Date.From(CurrentDate))) +  Date.Month(Date.From(CurrentDate))), type number),
  InsertCompletedMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertMonthOffset, "MonthCompleted", each Date.EndOfMonth([Date]) < Date.From(Date.EndOfMonth(CurrentDate)), type logical),
  InsertMonthName = Table.AddColumn(InsertCompletedMonth, "Month Name", each Text.Proper( Date.ToText([Date], "MMMM")), type text),
  InsertMonthShort = Table.AddColumn( InsertMonthName, "Month Short", each Text.Proper( Date.ToText([Date], "MMM")), type text),
  InsertMonthInitial = Table.AddColumn(InsertMonthShort, "Month Initial", each Text.Start([Month Name], 1) & Text.Repeat( Character.FromNumber(8203), Date.Month([Date]) ), type text),
  InsertDayOfMonth = Table.AddColumn(InsertMonthInitial, "Day of Month", each Date.Day([Date]), type number),

  InsertWeekNumber = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayOfMonth, "Week Number", each
    if Number.RoundDown((Date.DayOfYear([Date])-(Date.DayOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday)+1)+10)/7)=0
    then Number.RoundDown((Date.DayOfYear(#date(Date.Year([Date])-1,12,31))-(Date.DayOfWeek(#date(Date.Year([Date])-1,12,31), Day.Monday)+1)+10)/7)
    else if (Number.RoundDown((Date.DayOfYear([Date])-(Date.DayOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday)+1)+10)/7)=53 and (Date.DayOfWeek(#date(Date.Year([Date]),12,31), Day.Monday)+1<4))
    then 1 else Number.RoundDown((Date.DayOfYear([Date])-(Date.DayOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday)+1)+10)/7), type number),
  InsertStartOfWeek = Table.AddColumn(InsertWeekNumber, "Start of Week", each Date.StartOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday), type date),
  InsertWeekEnding = Table.AddColumn(InsertStartOfWeek, "End of Week", each Date.EndOfWeek( [Date], Day.Monday), type date),
  InsertCalendarWk = Table.AddColumn(InsertWeekEnding, "Week & Year", each "W" & Text.PadStart( Text.From( [Week Number] ), 2, "0") & " " & Text.From(Date.Year( Date.AddDays( Date.StartOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday), 3 ))), type text ),
  InsertWeeknYear = Table.AddColumn(InsertCalendarWk, "WeeknYear", each Date.Year( Date.AddDays( Date.StartOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday), 3 )) * 100 + [Week Number],  Int64.Type),
  InsertWeekOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertWeeknYear, "CurrWeekOffset", each (Number.From(Date.StartOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday))-Number.From(Date.StartOfWeek(CurrentDate, Day.Monday)))/7, type number),
  InsertCompletedWeek = Table.AddColumn(InsertWeekOffset, "WeekCompleted", each Date.EndOfWeek( [Date], Day.Monday) < Date.From(Date.EndOfWeek(CurrentDate, Day.Monday)), type logical),

  InsertDayWeek = Table.AddColumn(InsertCompletedWeek, "Day of Week Number", each Date.DayOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday) + WDStart, Int64.Type),
  InsertDayName = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayWeek, "Day of Week Name", each Text.Proper( Date.ToText([Date], "dddd" )), type text),
  InsertDayInitial = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayName, "Day of Week Initial", each Text.Proper(Text.Start([Day of Week Name], 1)) & Text.Repeat( Character.FromNumber(8203), Date.DayOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday) + WDStart ), type text),
  InsertDayOfYear = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayInitial, "Day of Year", each Date.DayOfYear([Date]), Int64.Type),
  InsertDayInt = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayOfYear, "DateInt", each [Year] * 10000 + [Month] * 100 + [Day of Month], type number),
  InsertDayOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayInt, "CurrDayOffset", each Number.From([Date]) - Number.From(CurrentDate), type number),
  InsertIsAfterToday = Table.AddColumn(InsertDayOffset, "IsAfterToday", each not ([Date] <= Date.From(CurrentDate)), type logical),
  InsertIsWorkingDay = Table.AddColumn(InsertIsAfterToday, "IsWeekDay", each if Date.DayOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday) > 4 then false else true, type logical),
  InsertIsHoliday = Table.AddColumn(InsertIsWorkingDay, "IsHoliday", each if Holidays = null then "Unknown" else List.Contains( Holidays, [Date] ), if Holidays = null then type text else type logical),
  InsertIsBusinessDay = Table.AddColumn(InsertIsHoliday, "IsBusinessDay", each if [IsWeekDay] = true and [IsHoliday] <> true then true else false, type logical),
  InsertDayType = Table.AddColumn(InsertIsBusinessDay, "Day Type", each if [IsHoliday] = true then "Holiday" else if [IsWeekDay] = false then "Weekend" else if [IsWeekDay] = true then "Weekday" else null, type text),

  InsertISOYear = Table.AddColumn( InsertDayType, "ISO Year", each Date.Year( Date.AddDays( Date.StartOfWeek([Date], Day.Monday), 3 )), type number),
  InsertISOqNum = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOYear, "ISO Quarter Number", each if [Week Number] >39 then 4 else if [Week Number] >26 then 3 else if [Week Number] >13 then 2 else 1, Int64.Type),
  InsertISOqtr = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOqNum, "ISO Quarter", each "Q" & Number.ToText([ISO Quarter Number]), type text),
  InsertISOQuarter = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOqtr, "ISO Quarter & Year", each "Q" & Number.ToText([ISO Quarter Number]) & " " & Number.ToText([ISO Year]), type text),
  InsertISOqNy = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOQuarter, "ISO QuarternYear", each [ISO Year] * 10 + [ISO Quarter Number], type number),

  // BufferTable = Table.Buffer(Table.Distinct( InsertISOqNy[[ISO Year], [DateInt]])),
  // InsertISOday = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOqNy, "ISO Day of Year", (OT) => Table.RowCount( Table.SelectRows( BufferTable, (IT) => IT[DateInt] <= OT[DateInt] and IT[ISO Year] = OT[ISO Year])),  Int64.Type),
  AddFY = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOqNy, "Financial Year", each "FY" & (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then Text.From([Year] +1) else Text.From([Year])), type text),
  //AddFYs = Table.AddColumn(AddFY, "Financial Year short", each "FY" & (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then Text.PadEnd( Text.End( Text.From([Year] +1), 2), 2, "0") else Text.End( Text.From([Year]), 2)), type text),
  AddFQ = Table.AddColumn(AddFY, "Financial Quarter", each "FQ" & Text.From( Number.RoundUp( Date.Month( Date.AddMonths( [Date], - (FYStartMonth -1) )) / 3 )) & " " & (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then Text.From([Year] +1) else Text.From([Year])), type text),
  AddFQnYr = Table.AddColumn(AddFQ, "FQuarternYear", each (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then [Year] +1 else [Year]) * 10 + Number.RoundUp( Date.Month( Date.AddMonths( [Date], - (FYStartMonth -1) )) / 3 ), type number),
  AddFM = Table.AddColumn(AddFQnYr, "Financial Period Number", each if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then [Month] - (FYStartMonth-1) else if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth =1 then [Month] else [Month] + (12-FYStartMonth+1), type number),
  AddFP = Table.AddColumn(AddFM, "Financial Period", each "FP" & Text.PadStart( Text.From([Financial Period Number]), 2, "0") & " " & (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then Text.From([Year] +1) else Text.From([Year])), type text),
  AddFMnYr = Table.AddColumn(AddFP , "FPeriodnYear", each (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then [Year] +1 else [Year]) * 100 + [Financial Period Number], type number),
  FYCalendarStart = #date( Date.Year(StartDate)-1, FYStartMonth, 1 ),
  InsertFFD = Table.AddColumn( AddFMnYr, "FinancialFirstDay", each if [Month] >= FYStartMonth and FYStartMonth >1 then #date( Date.Year([Date])+1, FYStartMonth, 1) else #date( Date.Year([Date]), FYStartMonth, 1), type date ),

  InitTable = Table.FromList( List.Transform( {Number.From(FYCalendarStart) .. Number.From(EndDate)}, Date.From), Splitter.SplitByNothing(), type table [DateFW = Date.Type]),
  AddFFD = Table.AddColumn( InitTable, "FinancialFirstDay", each if Date.Month([DateFW]) < FYStartMonth then #date(Date.Year([DateFW]), FYStartMonth, 1) else #date(Date.Year([DateFW]) + 1, FYStartMonth, 1)),
  AddFWSD = Table.AddColumn( AddFFD, "FWStartDate", each Date.AddYears(Date.StartOfWeek([DateFW], Day.Monday), 1)),
  Group1 = Table.Group( AddFWSD, {"FinancialFirstDay", "FWStartDate"}, {{"AllRows", each _, type table [DateFW = nullable date, FinancialFirstDay = date, FWStartDate = date]}}),
  Group2 = Table.Group( Group1, {"FinancialFirstDay"}, {{"AllRows2", each _, type table [FinancialFirstDay = date, FWStartDate = date, AllRows = table]}}),
  AddIndex = Table.AddColumn( Group2, "Custom", each Table.AddIndexColumn([AllRows2], "Financial Week Number", 1, 1) )[[Custom]],
  ExpandG2 = Table.ExpandTableColumn( AddIndex, "Custom", {"FinancialFirstDay", "FWStartDate", "AllRows", "Financial Week Number"}, {"FinancialFirstDay", "FWStartDate", "AllRows", "Financial Week Number"}), 
  ExpandG1 = Table.ExpandTableColumn( ExpandG2, "AllRows", {"DateFW"}, {"DateFW"} )[[DateFW], [Financial Week Number]],
  MergeFYW = Table.Join( InsertFFD, {"Date"}, ExpandG1, {"DateFW"}, JoinKind.LeftOuter, JoinAlgorithm.SortMerge ),
  FWlogic = List.Contains( {null}, FYStartMonthNum),
  UpdateFYWeek = if FWlogic then Table.ReplaceValue(MergeFYW, each [Financial Week Number], each if FYStartMonth =1 then [Week Number] else [Financial Week Number], Replacer.ReplaceValue, {"Financial Week Number"}) else MergeFYW,
  AddFYW = Table.AddColumn( UpdateFYWeek, "Financial Week", each if FWlogic then "F" & [#"Week & Year"] else if FYStartMonth =1 then "FW" & Text.PadStart( Text.From([Financial Week Number]), 2, "0") & Date.ToText([Date], " yyyy") else if Date.Month([Date]) < FYStartMonth then "FW" & Text.PadStart( Text.From([Financial Week Number]), 2, "0") & Date.ToText([Date], " yyyy") else "FW" & Text.PadStart(Text.From([Financial Week Number]), 2, "0") & " " & Text.From( Date.Year([Date])+1), type text),
  InsertFWeeknYear = Table.AddColumn(AddFYW, "FWeeknYear", each if FWlogic then [WeeknYear] else (if FYStartMonth =1 then Date.Year([Date]) else if Date.Month([Date]) < FYStartMonth then Date.Year([Date]) else Date.Year([Date])+1) * 100 + [Financial Week Number],  Int64.Type),
  CurrentDateRecord = Table.SelectRows(InsertFWeeknYear, each ([Date] = CurrentDate)),
  CurrentISOyear = CurrentDateRecord{0}[ISO Year],
  CurrentISOqtr = CurrentDateRecord{0}[ISO Quarter Number],
  CurrentYear = CurrentDateRecord{0}[Year],
  CurrentMonth = CurrentDateRecord{0}[Month],
  CurrentFinancialFirstDay = CurrentDateRecord{0}[FinancialFirstDay],
  PrevFinancialFirstDay = Date.AddYears(CurrentFinancialFirstDay, -1),
  CurrentFY = CurrentDateRecord{0}[Financial Year],
  CurrentFQ = CurrentDateRecord{0}[FQuarternYear],
  CurrentFP = CurrentDateRecord{0}[FPeriodnYear],
  CurrentFW = CurrentDateRecord{0}[FWeeknYear],

  InsertISOYrOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertFWeeknYear, "ISO CurrYearOffset", each [ISO Year] - CurrentISOyear, type number),
  InsertISOQtrOffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOYrOffset, "ISO CurrQuarterOffset", each ((4 * [ISO Year]) +  [ISO Quarter Number]) - ((4 * CurrentISOyear) + CurrentISOqtr), type number),
  InsertFYoffset = Table.AddColumn(InsertISOQtrOffset, "Financial CurrYearOffset", each try (if [Month] >= FYStartMonth then [Year]+1 else [Year]) - (if CurrentMonth >= FYStartMonth then CurrentYear+1 else CurrentYear) otherwise null, type number),
  InsertCurrentFY = Table.AddColumn(InsertFYoffset, "IsCurrentFY", each if [Financial Year] = CurrentFY then true else false, type logical),
  InsertCurrentFQ = Table.AddColumn(InsertCurrentFY, "IsCurrentFQ", each if [FQuarternYear] = CurrentFQ then true else false, type logical),
  InsertCurrentFP = Table.AddColumn(InsertCurrentFQ, "IsCurrentFP", each if [FPeriodnYear] = CurrentFP then true else false, type logical),
  InsertCurrentFW = Table.AddColumn(InsertCurrentFP, "IsCurrentFW", each if [FWeeknYear] = InsertISOYrOffset then true else false, type logical),
  InsertPYTD = Table.AddColumn(InsertCurrentFW, "IsPYTD", each if CurrentYear-1 = [Year] and [Day of Year] <= CurrentDateRecord{0}[Day of Year] then true else false, type logical),
    ListPrevFYDates = List.Buffer( Table.SelectRows( Table.ExpandTableColumn( Table.NestedJoin(
        Table.AddIndexColumn( Table.RenameColumns( Table.TransformColumnTypes( Table.FromList( List.Dates( PrevFinancialFirstDay, Number.From(CurrentFinancialFirstDay-PrevFinancialFirstDay),#duration(1,0,0,0)), Splitter.SplitByNothing()),{{"Column1", type date}}), {{"Column1", "DateFY"}}), "Index", 1, 1), {"Index"}, 
        Table.AddIndexColumn( Table.RenameColumns( Table.TransformColumnTypes( Table.FromList( List.Dates( Date.AddYears( PrevFinancialFirstDay, -1), Number.From( PrevFinancialFirstDay - Date.AddYears( PrevFinancialFirstDay, -1)),#duration(1,0,0,0)), Splitter.SplitByNothing()),{{"Column1", type date}}), {{"Column1", "DateFY"}}), "Index", 1, 1)
        , {"Index"}, "Table", JoinKind.LeftOuter), "Table", {"DateFY"}, {"PrevDateFY"}), each [DateFY] <= CurrentDate)[PrevDateFY] ),
  InsertPFYTD = Table.AddColumn(InsertPYTD, "IsPFYTD", each if [Financial CurrYearOffset] = -1 and List.Contains(ListPrevFYDates, [Date] ) then true else false, type logical),
  InsertNetWorkdays = if AddRelativeNetWorkdays = true then Table.AddColumn(InsertPFYTD, "Relative Networkdays", each fxNETWORKDAYS( StartDate, [Date], Holidays ), type number ) else InsertPFYTD,
  fxNETWORKDAYS = (StartDate, EndDate, optional Holidays as list) =>
      ListOfDates = List.Dates( StartDate, Number.From(EndDate-StartDate)+1, Duration.From(1) ),
      DeleteHolidays = if Holidays = null then ListOfDates else List.Difference( ListOfDates, List.Transform(Holidays, Date.From )),
      DeleteWeekends = List.Select( DeleteHolidays, each Date.DayOfWeek( _, Day.Monday) < 5 ),
      CountDays = List.Count( DeleteWeekends)
  RemoveToday = Table.RemoveColumns( if EndDate < CurrentDate then Table.SelectRows(InsertNetWorkdays, each ([Date] <> CurrentDate)) else InsertNetWorkdays, {"FinancialFirstDay"}), 
  ChType = Table.TransformColumnTypes(RemoveToday,{{"Year", Int64.Type}, {"Quarter Number", Int64.Type}, {"Month", Int64.Type}, {"Day of Month", Int64.Type}, {"DateInt", Int64.Type}, {"Day of Week Number", Int64.Type}, {"ISO CurrYearOffset", Int64.Type}, {"ISO QuarternYear", Int64.Type}, {"ISO CurrQuarterOffset", Int64.Type}, {"Week Number", Int64.Type}, {"WeeknYear", Int64.Type}, {"MonthnYear", Int64.Type}, {"QuarternYear", Int64.Type}, {"FQuarternYear", Int64.Type}, {"Financial Period Number", Int64.Type}, {"FPeriodnYear", Int64.Type}, {"CurrWeekOffset", Int64.Type}, {"CurrMonthOffset", Int64.Type}, {"CurrQuarterOffset", Int64.Type}, {"CurrYearOffset", Int64.Type}, {"Financial CurrYearOffset", Int64.Type}, {"Financial Week Number", Int64.Type}}),
  ReorderCols = Table.ReorderColumns(ChType,{"Date", "Year", "CurrYearOffset", "YearCompleted", "Quarter Number", "Quarter", "Start of Quarter", "End of Quarter", "Quarter & Year", "QuarternYear", "CurrQuarterOffset", "QuarterCompleted", "Month", "Start of Month", "End of Month", "Month & Year", "MonthnYear", "CurrMonthOffset", "MonthCompleted", "Month Name", "Month Short", "Month Initial", "Day of Month", "Week Number", "Start of Week", "End of Week", "Week & Year", "WeeknYear", "CurrWeekOffset", "WeekCompleted", "Day of Week Number", "Day of Week Name", "Day of Week Initial", "DateInt", "CurrDayOffset", "IsAfterToday", "IsWeekDay", "IsHoliday", "IsBusinessDay", "Day Type", "ISO Year", "ISO CurrYearOffset", "ISO Quarter Number", "ISO Quarter", "ISO Quarter & Year", "ISO QuarternYear", "ISO CurrQuarterOffset", "Financial Year", "Financial CurrYearOffset", "Financial Quarter", "FQuarternYear", "Financial Period Number", "Financial Period", "FPeriodnYear", "DateFW", "Financial Week Number", "Financial Week", "FWeeknYear", "IsCurrentFY", "IsCurrentFQ", "IsCurrentFP", "IsCurrentFW", "IsPYTD", "IsPFYTD"}),
  ListCols = if FWlogic then Table.RemoveColumns(ReorderCols,{"ISO Quarter Number", "Financial Year", "Financial Quarter", "FQuarternYear", "Financial Period Number", "Financial Period", "FPeriodnYear", "DateFW", "Financial Week Number", "Financial Week", "FWeeknYear", "Financial CurrYearOffset", "IsCurrentFQ", "IsCurrentFP", "IsCurrentFW"}) else Table.RemoveColumns(ReorderCols,{"Financial Period Number", "DateFW", "Financial Week Number", "ISO Quarter Number"})

Documentation = [
Documentation.Name = " fxCalendar",
Documentation.Description = " Date table function to create an ISO-8601 calendar",
Documentation.LongDescription = " Date table function to create an ISO-8601 calendar",
Documentation.Category = " Table",
Documentation.Version = " 2.01: full code review",
Documentation.Source = " local",
Documentation.Author = " Melissa de Korte",
Documentation.Examples = { [Description = " See: Extended Date Table (Power Query M function)",
Code = " Optional paramters: #(lf)
(FYStartMonthNum) Month number the financial year starts, Januari if omitted #(lf)
(Holidays) Select a query (and column) that contains a list of holiday dates #(lf)
(WDStartNum) Switch default weekday numbering from 0-6 to 1-7 by entering a 1 #(lf)
(AddRelativeNetWorkdays) if true adds a Relative Networkdays column to the date table #(lf)
Important to note: #(lf)
[Financial Week] starts on a Monday and can contain less than 7 days in a First- and/or Last Week of a FY #(lf)
[IsWeekDay] does not take holiday dates into account #(lf)
[IsBusinessDay] does take optional holiday dates into account #(lf)
[IsPYTD] and [IsPFYTD] compare Previous [Day of Year] with the Current [Day of Year] number, so dates don’t align in leap years #(lf)
IMPORTANT! No Financial columns will be added if the (FYStartMonthNum) is omitted",
Result = " " ] }
Value.ReplaceType( fnDateTable, Value.ReplaceMetadata( Value.Type( fnDateTable ), Documentation ))

Thank you so much Dave, much appreciated. All working