Measure to return Prior Year value

Hi all,

I am sure (hope!) this is going to be a simple one…

Please see attached pbix Prior Year query.pbix (106.8 KB)

I have a requirement to display a matrix with our stock position for Today and for PY (the same day last year).

If I was going to be summarising by Date, then I could simply use a measure like:

Stock PY = 

However I am not outputting Date, therefore the above measure returns the total stock quantity for where a previous year value can be evaluated, eg all but 2018:


I have created a column ‘IsToday’ in my Dates table, which will return ‘Yes’ for today and ‘No’ for any other day and I have tried, without success, to incorporate this into my PY measure, eg:

Stock PY =
CALCULATE([Stock Units], SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(Dates[Date]), Dates[IsToday] = “Yes”)


Stock PY = 
CALCULATE([Stock Units], DATEADD(Dates[Date], -1, YEAR), Dates[IsToday] = "Yes")

The only way I have succeeded is to add a Visual level filter of IsToday = Yes:

I would prefer to be able to code this in the Dax, rather than rely on the visual level filter. Can anyone advise of Dax code which would replicate this?



Hi @Mark,

There are many ways to calculate this first example measure branching

Stock PY v2 = 
    FILTER( Dates, Dates[IsToday] = "Yes") 

or second an all in one

Stock PY v3 = 
    CALCULATE( [Stock Units],
        DATEADD( Dates[Date], -1, YEAR )
    FILTER( Dates, Dates[IsToday] = "Yes") 
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Hi @Melissa

Thanks for quick response and solution.

I was sure I had tried using measure branching and FILTER, however I now realise I had done so in a variable, which of course will not work :persevere:


Stock PY (wrong) =

var UnitsSPLY = CALCULATE([Stock Units], SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR(Dates[Date]))


CALCULATE(UnitsSPLY, FILTER(Dates, Dates[IsToday] = "Yes"))

Thanks again :smiley: