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Measure that will Sum, then Group


I find myself a bit stuck on perhaps two simple task.

I have a PBI that needs to do two things:

Task 1 -

  1. Make a measure that can be added to any column, that will do this…
  2. Sum all values >=4,
  3. then divide by total rows

Task 2 -

  1. Use the SupportFile as a support table
  2. Group the columns from the Results file by the criterial form the SupportTable file.
    For example, all columns from 1-3 in Results file will be grouped in “Overview” because they match with the “Sort” column in SupportTable file.

Any type of support will be greatly appreciated. (68.6 KB)

@emercado777 Not sure if this is what you want?!
Sample.pbix (57.3 KB)


Table =
VAR TotalBySort =
        DISTINCT ( Results[Column] ),
            CALCULATE (
                VAR Total =
                    SUMX ( Results, Results[Value] )
                VAR RowCount =
                    COUNTROWS ( Results )
                    DIVIDE ( Total, RowCount ),
                Results[Value] >= 4
VAR GetDescription =
            VAR CurrentSort = Results[Column]
            VAR DescTable =
                CALCULATETABLE (
                    DISTINCT ( 'Description'[Category] ),
                    'Description'[Sort] = CurrentSort,
                    REMOVEFILTERS ( Results )
                CONCATENATEX ( DescTable, 'Description'[Category], ", " )
VAR GroupRows =
        "Something", SUMX ( CURRENTGROUP (), [Sort] )

Hi @AntrikshSharma ,

Thanks for having a look.

However, the total number of respondents should be 123, but in the file you sent over it says 1845.

I think your file is aggregating each response per category, instead of counting each row separately (i.e. counting the number of email addresses)

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Thanks for letting me know.

As for the solutions, I opted for a long but simple solution.

For task 1:

[Total Respondents],
SurveyResults[A01] >= 4)

Where “A01” would need to be updated based on the column’s name.