Measure so i can filter at both aggregate and granular level

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I have a table called Campaigns that has a list of all campaigns and another table called Distinct Last Touch that only shows campaigns that have revenue attributed to them. See image #1.

I have funnel diagram, see image #2, where I have four metrics. The first metric Total # of Campaigns is based on the Campaigns Table. When I filter from the filter pane, it doesn’t count the aggregate but only count the total from the Distinct table.

I tried to create a new filter measure using IsFiltered but it is not filtering correctly. See image #3 for the new measure.

Can someone help? I hope I am making sense. The end result I am trying to achieve as an example is in image #4 if. I was to select Vaccine from the drug type filter. the Total # of campaigns should be 17. The remaining metrics are correct.


Image #2

Image #3 of modified filter measure

Image #4 - Expected end result

WIP-PQ Campaign Test v.2.pbix (8.5 MB)

@ysherriff The problem with your scenario is Distinct Last Touch Campaign Id has only 4 campaign ID for Vaccines whereas Capaigns table has 17 distinct ID. Since you are using the field from Distinct there are only 4 ID that participate in the relationship.

So you need to first grab the Drug Type available in the filter context, apply it to the Capaign table and also remove the filter from the Distinct Table.

WIP-PQ Campaign Test v.2.pbix (8.5 MB)

Total Campaigns = 
VAR _SelectionDate =
  SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Date'[Year] )
VAR SelectedDrug = 
  SELECTEDVALUE ( 'Distinct Last Touch Campaign Id'[Drug Type] )
VAR Result = 
      TRUE (),
      _SelectionDate = BLANK (), 
      CALCULATE ( 
        DISTINCTCOUNT ( Campaigns[Campaign Id] ),
        Campaigns[Drug Type] = SelectedDrug,
        REMOVEFILTERS ( 'Distinct Last Touch Campaign Id'[Drug Type] )
          DISTINCTCOUNT ( Campaigns[Campaign Id] ),
          USERELATIONSHIP ( Campaigns[Campaign Start Date], 'Date'[Date] )
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Thanks @AntrikshSharma for the solution but what happens if i have multiple filters in the filter pane.

For instance, in the workbook you provided, I have Marketing Solutions SubSegment as well. Should I use Isfiltered?

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