Measure columns one sum multiple columns

Does anyone know why measures sum as a group in table visuals? Is there a way to change this behavior? Here is an example, It has 5 measure columns that only display one total under the last column. That total is the sum of all five columns.

I would like to have a sum under each column that only sums the column above it.

Hi @michael.wescott7226 ,

It usually happens due relationship and context problem.
To help further could you provide sample Excel and pbix file ?

Thank you.

Ar_Aging_Report.pbix (14.9 MB)
Attached is the PBIx file for the project I am working on. The bottom table is the one in question. I have seen this on other reports too.

In table you have context columns Invoice number, DueDate,
in Total you do not have that kind of context - you have total.

So for total InvoiceAge Today > 120 and all amount are display in this category:

120 days = IF([Invoice Age Today] > 120, IF([AmountOwed]>0,[AmountOwed],BLANK()),BLANK())

Do I understand you correctly? Are you saying that for the measures to show totals correctly in the table, all columns in the table must be in the measure?