Measure Branching Techniques


I am not able to see orders with respective dates, Could someone please help& look inti it? Really appreciated.


Hi @maximillia76
Please share a working PBX file so one of the members can attempt to help you on this.

Hi @jsodhi ,

Thanks for responding, Here is the attached PBX file. I followed the instructor’s steps, Working with a series of dates and orders. I am unable to get data (Not showing orders for respective dates)based on dates.

Getting Started Power BI.pbix (3.2 MB)

So, the reason why you are not able to see orders by date is because your date table only had dates for 2015.
however, your Product Demand table has dates from 2018 and 2019.

so when i changed the dates in your date table in power query,

Orders by date become visible.


Your date table should always have the dates present in your current data. but also, the future dates that you expect to get added in data (if more data is expected to be fetched in the report).

here is the working file for your reference.
Getting Started Power BI.pbix (282.2 KB)

Hope this helps.


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Admired @jsodhi ,

Really learned something today, That why knowing you data is very important. Really appricated.


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