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Hi, I have created a measure which calculates %. Now I would like to create a slicer which has values “above 80%”,“above 70-80”, “below 70”. Then based on my selection visual table should be filtered. If I select “above 80%” in slicer, then table view or any visuals on the report should be filtered based on my slicer values. Please advice, how this can be achieved.


Power BI does not support slicing based on measures (there are some clever workarounds in limited cases, but I don’t think they will work here). Thus, you will need to create a calculated column, which probably best can be done using a SWITCH(TRUE() ) construct given your scenario.

The exact details of how best to do this will depend on the specifics of your data model, so if you could please post your PBIX file, that would help us provide the most specific solution to you.


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Hi, due to data sensitivity, I am not able to share my file. I can give an example.
|Student |Maths |Physics|Chemistry|Total|%| , out of 300 marks student 1 got 50%.
% column is a measure in Power BI
In slicer I want to have “Over 80%”, “Over 70%”, “Below 70%”
Please advice. Thanks

Hi @dratan99,

Check out the dynamic grouping article and related content.
I think you will find it helpful.

Hi @dratan99,

For slicer you must use calculated column. Below is the code you can use to generate the range.

Range = 
    [%] >= 0.80,  "Over 80%",
    [%] < 0.70, "Below 70%",
    "Over 70%"

Under Data tab you create calculated column.

On the report tab you can see the % and the slicer.

Slicer working demo…

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Hi, I tried using your solution no luck yet. I think some issue with my data. I will give a try again and let you know. Thanks

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If you’re still having problems, you can use the following techniques to quickly anonymize your data. I guarantee if you’re able to post a PBIX file you’ll get a quick, specific solution on this (and probably more than one…)

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