MBAS 2020 Sessions Now Available on Demand

Microsoft has posted videos of every session of yesterday’s Business Applications Summit conference here.

The conference was cut from three days to one, and done entirely virtually due to COVID-19. As a result, it included none of the outside expert content that has been outstanding in past summits. However, there still a lot of good content regarding all the different elements of Power Platform, and some interesting information about the future directions for Power BI.

  • Brian

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Nice, look forward to diving to these

So many things to watch. Hard to choose where to start.

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The Christian Wade talk about the future direction of Power BI is really interesting.

  • Brian

Ok I’ll check it out

This is quite an incredible feature

Smart narratives…

This here also. Integration in teams

Agreed this is a fantastic session.

It’s actually quite scary how much new functionality is coming out.

Going to be tough to keep across it all the time!

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