Maximum number of rows in a dataset


Wondering, what is the maximum number of rows you have imported into a data model without going over the 1gig dataset limit. For example Sales fact table.

Thanks in advance.

This is too difficult to say definitively. There’s just to many variables.

Variable like what the data is, the amount of columns, the model you have created, the calculations you need.

There’s just no easy answer.

I’ve never personally hit this and never seen it reached, so all I can suggest is that it would be a very large number.

Thanks Sam, I did ask around and the maximum imported into a dataset was 10m with no issue. What has been your maximum number of rows.

As I mentioned it depends, but I think I saw a client do around 15 million…but it was very slow for them and was ultimately summarized in sql before bringing into Power BI.

Thank you.

It’s not just the number of rows since VertiPaq is pretty amazing. If you are concerned about the size and speed you need to look at cardinality of the columns. That is why it is always better to separate date and time, only import columns you need, and import the granularity of what you need ( i.e. do you really need 15 decimals place or will two do just fine). And of course there is the actual hardware to consider to…