Max number of week endings by month

Max Weeks In Month.pbix (117.7 KB)
Date Table Required Output.xlsx (199.7 KB)

I have a Dates Table where I have a weekending date, what I would like to do is to capture the max number of week ending dates for each month in field called “Max Weeks Per Month”. Ideally, I want to do this using M Code.
I have attached my PBIX & an Excel file highlighting the desired output.
Is this possible to do using M code or would I need to do it in DAX?

Long term I want to be able to use this field to determine whether whole months or single weekending dates have been selected and use that to output a message for the user as to what has been selected.
The output message to group whole months and list single week ending dates.

Any help would be really appreciated.

Max Weeks In Month.pbix (122.0 KB)

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This is amazing thank you so much it has made my day…so quick! I had part of it correct but using the List function blew my Date table columns away so after that I was stumped!

The second part is:
If someone selects multiple non-consecutive months, is it possible to use a measure to determine what these months are so that I can output that message using a date format of MMM-YYYY?

Please let me know if this is doable. Thanks.

@Kazza Share an example of that with Excel.

@AntrikshSharma Please find the requested example attached.
Output v2.xlsx (184.8 KB)

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This video might give you some pointers:

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Apologies for my very tardy reply! The YouTube video certainly gives me a few ideas. Thanks so much!

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