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Matrix for images

Hi all,
I have a complicated question. I really hope you have an idea how to solve this.

My goal is to show all logos in a matrix-style according to the selected filters. This is working fine (the arrows shows the interaction between the visual.
[Eg. The first segment filter (Royal Blue) is only filtering the logos to its right, like in a matrix)

My problem is that if the user changes the catogry he has to select the segments manually as well.

The idea is by chosing a Category the first three Segments get selected automatically. Also the images get filters by these three Segments.
(If there are more than three segments, offering different pages would be great.)

Then the segments change according to the selected Category.

Hope this is making sense and you can follow :slight_smile:
Thank you so much!
Here is the file:
Segmentation Filter_001.pbix (2.2 MB)


It’s a very interesting effect you’re going for, and I like the way you’ve constructed it from the Chiclet Slicer.

The underlying problem here is your data model, which is chockablock with deviations from (and some outright violations of) the star schema model for which Power BI is optimized. I’m certain that once you resolve these issues, the problem you’re having with the visualization will either resolve itself or be trivial to solve. Some of the problems you’ve got are:

  • Connections between dimension tables
  • Use of multiple bi-directional relationships
  • 1:1 bidirectional relationship between Customers and Sales that cannot possibly be correct unless a customer can only ever make one purchase.
  • Snowflaked dimensions (not inherently wrong, but in most cases not ideal and in this case may inhibit the synching of slicers that you desire)

In terms of fixing this, I would refer to the following materials:

Also, I would advise not to be afraid of denormalizing your dimension tables as needed to get the slicer behavior you desire. While doing so will increase the size of those tables, the vertipaq compression engine in Power BI is extremely efficient.

I hope this is helpful. Once your model is revised, if you’re still having problems with the visual, just give a shout.

  • Brian

Hi Brian thank you very much for your answer.
The dataset is just an example taken by the official Microsoft website and totally unrelated to my report. I am not allowed to share that because it contains a lot of personal information but the idea is exactly the same.
How can I solve the problem to get the first, second, third, … result of a filtered table and then filter based out of these results?

Hi @Reporting! We noticed that your inquiry was left unsolved for quite some time now. We strive to answer ALL inquiries in the forum.

However, if you are sure that you provided all pertinent context to your concerns and read how to use the forum more effectively and still find your question unanswered, you can check out tutorials to learn this yourself as your membership also comes with relevant resources that may help you with your Power BI education.

While our users and experts do as much as reasonable to help you with your inquiries, not all concerns can be attended to especially if there are some learnings to be done. Thank you!

Hi all, does someone has any idea how to fix my issue.
I basically need to filter by the first, second, third, … value of a dynamic (filtered) table.

Thank you very very much :slight_smile:

@Reporting ,

The problem here is that your question is too complex for me to answer without having a file to experiment on and test approaches, but the data model you’ve provided is so hopelessly broken that experimenting on it is futile since even with proper DAX it will not return correct results.

Until you’re able to rework that and provide a data model that will support the analysis you want to do, I’m afraid I can’t be of much help.

  • Brian

Hi Brian, thank you very much for your answer.
I deleted all tables except the one necessary for this report. Hope this is helpful :slight_smile:
Thank you very much in advance!!
Here is the file: Segmentation Filter_002.pbix (457.9 KB)