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Matrix Column Headers Auto-Size Issue

Hi all,

Making great progress on my 10-day NAV Walkforward thanks to the help received yesterday from forum. Now I’ve got most of my measures working the way I need to them, I’m getting into the formatting details. I’ve set up a few matrix visuals on the page and I want the width of the columns to stay the way I set them. On each visual, I did set the “Auto-size column width” to Off but anytime I change my date slicer the column width resets. I’ve Googled and found a few old post regarding this issue. Anyone come up with a workaround?

Visual set with column width I want…

Visual resized after changing date…

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I have encountered this issue several times, and I have to admit I have finally given up. Any tricks I have seen involve adding a row of dummy data to force the columns to stay open to a particular width. And of course, adding the dummy data in complicates other parts of your measure.

I suggest voting up a requested fix for this item in Ideas.PowerBi

If you need reports to be ‘pixel perfect’, that is one of the things that Paginated Reports can address, if you have access to Premium Capacity.


Thanks @Heather! We do not have Premium Capacity but I see there’s new licensing announced at Ignite to allow purchasing on individual user basis which is new.

Thanks for confirming and I will definitely vote for those ideas!


Running into this same issue this week. I would say I can’t believe it’s not included functionality, but I can believe it :smile: I didn’t even think to test for this, but noticed the behavior by accident.

Makes no sense for a fixed column width to change when a slicer selection changes. I did vote for those ideas, but they don’t seem to have much traction. I guess I will try the dummy measure approach.

Update: The dummy measure solution is not very difficult to implement. Still wish it wasn’t needed though. Here is what I did:

Hi @DeanJ.

There are many resources online on how to adjust matrix column width, including the eDNA YouTube video “Reports & Visualizations Pt. 1 - Power BI Best Practices Vol. 4” from last year:

(The matrix column width issue is discussed around the 8 minute mark.)

I haven’t tried this with slicer selections, so not sure if it’s applicable to your situation.

NOTE: As a matter of course, a new forum thread should be created for new questions; many forum members do not review solved topics, so your issue may not be reviewed. (In the new forum thread, you can link the original solved thread to which your issue refers.)

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your post Greg, it is helpful. The specific issue here is that if you turn off auto-size width and set the column widths of a matrix manually, the manually set width does not persist with slicer changes.

It seems that this behavior is built into PBI. Looks like this is a known issue which I just encountered for the first time.

Here I have manually set the column with of a matrix with Column Headers- Auto Size Width= off

Then I change the slicer and the column width changes even though auto-size width=off

I see that a rept measure can be used as a workaround, but I do not think a workaround should be needed in this scenario.

Matrix persistent header width after slicer change.pbix (885.1 KB)