Mastering DAX Labs Survey (Names of the labs I should do?


Well, I can see the Basic Labs Assessment Survey but I am not able to locate the Labs I should do to be able to answer the survey properly. Could anybody give a hint about their names?


where are you are seeing this Basic Labs assessment Survey?

Can you please provide a screen print where are you seeing this?


sorry i still can’t find that. Looks like its a course that has that module in it. Can you please give me that course where that is?


The course name is Mastering DAX Calculations.

sorry i can’t figure out the labs. I believe it related to the download files at the beginnging of the course. The files are likely used in demos within the course modules. Its been a while since i taken that course.

@EnterpriseDNA will have to answer that for you.


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Thanks @Keith . I hope @EnterpriseDNA can bring some light into this! :slight_smile: