Market Basket Analysis Video


Hi Sam

Where Can I find the MBA Material Introduced in Youtube:

It Needs also little bit clarification on the difference between Initial & Selected Basket we get confused.

How can distinguish which of them belonging to Left Hand Side (LHS) Items and Right Hand Side (RHS) one?

Thank you


To find any resources download use the search functionality in the forum. Everything video is indexed and can be located this way.


If it’s confusing then maybe look to name things in a way that isn’t. I’ve used a specific naming convention that suits what I was looking to showcase in this intro video.


That’s true in The forum, but from the main: , you cannot find the material you looking for by entering the keyword (please look at the attached picture)

every-time enter any keyword will not display any results.


Ah yes, that is not search functionality for specific things within video titles unfortunately. It is not smart enough.

That is a big reason the forum was created in the first place as the search functionality all sits within here.