Map Marking - Add markers to a region map


I need help with mapping please. I have 13 customers in different states/regions and we ship our productions to them from 3 different distribution centers. I was able to locate the customers on the map with their address and add total order numbers to see which customer is the largest and who orders frequently in small quantities etc.

But, I’m not able to add markers on the map for our 3 distribution centers. I need to figure out which distribution center is sending shipments to which customers. For example, if I have a customer in Texas, is that customer getting our products from Texas Distribution Center, Oklahoma Distribution Center or Arizona Distribution Center. It could be any kind/shape or marker that shows on the map the location of our distribution center. If we can’t exactly match up that from which distribution center a customer is getting products from; could we at least pin point the distribution centers. I tried adding distribution center addressess, zip codes, names, nothing seems to be working; I very much appreciate your help, Thank you!

Below is the first screen shot of my sample model:

Ok all you should have to do here is get the latitude and longitude numbers of you distribution centers and then you will get the right locations.

Sometimes with just addresses the maps aren’t always accurate. With lat and long you can pinpoint things exactly.

Other than this you would need the data to show which customer received products from which distribution center. I presume you have this? If you don’t it will likely be difficult to ascertain which one they can from unless there’s some logic you could work into a DAX measure somehow.