Many to Many Relationships


Fellow Power BI Users-

Quick question that I have yet to figure out in Power BI…

I have 2 fact tables and 2 lookup tables. Each fact table uses both lookup tables in order to properly work. For example, I have a date, number of hours worked per record, and an employee ID which I want to report on. I’m attempting to build productivity metrics and the 2 tables have no relationship available except date and employee.

I’m probably not explaining myself we enough so I’m expecting a few questions before an answer.

Thanks All


You don’t need a relationship I would say. Some images would give me a better idea.

You can use measures across both of these tables.

Have you gone through this course.

This explains all my best practices around modeling.

It’s essentially to understand all the concepts really well. Once you do your life in Power BI gets so much easier.


Will do / “are doing”. Episode 3 is eye opening! (

You are an excellent teacher!



Yes, it’s amazing what can be done in the query editor that’s for sure.