Manufacturing Plan Vs Actual

Hello All,

I want to track manufacturing plan Vs actual in Power BI.
We have a manufacturing plan [ Customers & Part Number ] & actual quantity produced.
How to data model will look in this case - Where should we have the manufacturing plan - In lookup table or fact table ?
Do you have any videos explaining a similar case

Not being able to see the actual table does make it difficult to say definitely but I would say it sounds like the manufacturing plan should be a fact table.

All actual versus budget analysis should be setup up in a very similar way to the many examples I’ve showcased around this.

All actuals and budgeting information should be fact tables and then you may need to work with different granularities around your data, but that is ok and very workable.

Here’s some links for the many tutorials and videos around this.

If you have time, this is a really good workshop to go through.

I cover many great techniques in this one

Here’s is another one around the setup also

Thanks Sam.

Will get back to you if I need any help.