Manufacturing BOM - compute total raw material consumed



I am trying to incorporate the raw material consumed with the inventory table to calculate the cost of raw material consumed using First in First out method.

Thus, I had design the tables as shown on the above.

I am looking for the possibility that Power BI can generate the table as shown in the Table 3. I had obtained Table 1 and Table 2.

Thank you.

You could certainly replicate that table as a calculated table, but the bigger question is, do you need to?

It may be better to just relate your ProCode columns then drag your dimensions fields into a table or matrix and us measures for

Standard Quantity = SUM(‘Table1’[Standard Quantity])
Total Output = SUM(‘Table2’[TotalOutput])
Total Standard Quantity = [Total Output] * [Standard Quantity]

Does that work for you?

Hi Sam, thanks for the prompt reply.

The reason being to generate the figure in the calculated table as the table will be appended with sales table to compute the cost of sales using FIFO method.
Or do you have idea to generate the cost of sales using FIFO method by measure?

The above are those cost of sales for finished goods computation using FIFO.

Thank you.

Sam has some videos on Customers, “Customer Churn…”, with min date and max date, this pattern is perfectly usable for FIFO as well, determining the oldest date a product arrived at the warehouse or was purchased.