Manage Fact tables size

Hi everyone,
I have a situation and I would like to ask for suggestions. I have a fact excel table imported to my model which is getting out of control.
I have data since 2017 and I have to keep feeding this on a weekly basis. I am sort of exploring alternatives, perhaps use a free data management program or split my fact table and merged it on BI…not sure which step to take. Can you guys please share some advice?

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Hi @GCOSTA, have you looked into Aggregations?..

Hi @marcster_uk, thanks. Its really interesting, but not quite what I am looking for. What I am trying to do is to reduce my excel file size. Is it possible to get a fact table and save in BI “cloud” and feed this new table?

Thank you so much,

Hi, Gabriel! Which size has your excel file? Also, check the link

Question. Do you have to store all your data in one Excel file?
Consider the “From Folder” option and Append the files in Power Query

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