Make different matrices dynamic

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I have posted this question but didn’t get any answer, I would really appreciate your help. Here’s the issue :
To present my accounts in the order as you see in the file below, I had to import a data table that contains my accounts I want to display (PLMOD). I wanted also to display the details accounts to explain the main accounts that I have in the first matrix (the details account represent the elements that have the most impact on the main accounts). I created the measures for the elements that do not exist in my fact table (operational income…) And then used the switch function to display my data in the matrix as you can see.
The Problem is that my two matrices don’t interact, they are not dynamic. To solve that problem I created a relationship between PLMOD and Facttable. But when I do that, the elements with no Account Code disappear from my matrix. Is there anything I can do to make these matrices dynamic and interactive.
Thank you so much for your help.

Matrices relationship issue-1.pbix (137.8 KB)

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Hello @Chaouiya,

Checking the model behind you file I thought I could try to re-do it following the Best Practices by:

  • build a new dimension table Accounts

  • Eliminate the unnecessary columns from fact tables

  • build only two measures (Actual and Actual LY)

The result can be seen below in the GIF file attached.

Please let me know should you need the actual PBIX file.

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Relationship field need to have some unique field. In the absence of unique fields, system will not understand the data link and will provide incorrect data.