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Machine Learning - Fantasy Premier League (Sneak Peak)

Good afternoon everybody!

I wanted to follow-up on the machine learning posts I had made a couple of weeks ago and share a sneak peak of a fun project I am working on to showcase real world machine learning in action around a subject many of you are very familiar with… Fantasy Sports. Specifically, Fantasy Football for the Premier League. I’ll go more in depth when I finish things up, but here’s a little summary:

There’s three different methods for using machine learning within Power BI built into the report: custom data tables using live data tables and what if parameters, clustering and pricing, and player statistics. The data tables on the initial page are custom visuals that uses what-if parameters to pull player statistics directly from the fantasy premier league website and performs a simple, yet amazing optimization model. The clustering and pricing models use k-means clustering and a linear regression model. And the player statistics contains web scraping, data cleaning, and general exploratory data analysis.


@bradsmith Many mic drops.
This looks like I am actually watching analysis on premier league…
Wow :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Wow. So intrigued about this… Let’s chat some more on a call.

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Absolutely! You’ve got my Skype contact info, shoot me a message and we’ll set it up.

Thank you! I only started playing Fantasy Premier League this season and that was only to test my model haha I wasn’t entirely what to even include in this report much less where to begin with analyzing the data… so that means a lot!

Honestly speaking, this is completely different type of report than the ones in challenges by @bradsmith.
3 to 4 visuals per page is the way to go. You can make use one color for column or bar charts or the family of colors. The rest is just mind-blowing.

@bradsmith I am intrigued. I am an staunch Man united supporter here in the UK. Any info I can use to make my fantasy team better will be much appreciated. Really keen t o see what you have in your tool box.

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@bradsmith Wow, this is an awesome way to get some practical insights into ML :slight_smile: Definitely will bookmark this for future reference when I will know more

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