Look up table best practice?


What is the best way to create a lookup table?

Is it via Staging query in editor then reference and make your changes there or via the main model and just create a table and summarize a column? is there any difference?

My issue is i have union ed a table in the main model and hence cannot see the union table in the query editor view so i just summarized a column from it i just wondered if that would cause any issues and what peoples suggestions are?



I always try to do this type of thing in Power Query. PQ is made for this type of thing, and while DAX is capable, it’s not it’s strong suit imo. And depending on where you are getting your data from, you could take advantage of query folding, but I have yet to see a list of transformation that do and do not break query folding, so I always do the most basic transformations first and then the more advanced ones and see.