Long Time in Responding to forum Questions

Dear Administrators

Thank you for your dedications and efforts in providing the knowledge and valuable materials for your members we appreciate all of your assistance, I noticed a long time until responding to the questions without any reason, I felt this (At least to me) the average waiting for getting an answer sometimes more than one month which is I believe too long, to overcome this problem I suggest some members who are more knowledgeable and have advanced practicing work as volunteers we can add some financial fees (tips) for answering the question if this is the main problem that causing a delay in answering the questions. I hope my question find an answer within one day and not one month as what I’m facing now. I’m sorry if you find my post question is not justice or not logic, but as members, we need to advise each other and work with some degree of honesty and trust.

Thank you so much

That’s definitely not the norm, and your question may have just fallen through the cracks. I know there are a few of us here that try to answer as many questions as possible. But there is also a fine line of helping someone along and completing their entire task for them, which I believe is out of the scope and reason for this forum. But with that being said, do you happen to have a link to that specific question? I will take a look at today.

This is a smaller and I firmly believe a better community than some of the other forums out there, not that those others are bad or what not, just this place operates a little differently. I think we are all here to learn and grow with PBI/DAX/PQ, etc. But a month is definitely an outlier, and that should be rectified as fast as possible, so please post a link when you get a chance.



@Nick_M, @sam.mckay,

I agree with everything Nick said above, and would like to offer one additional constructive suggestion with regard to the operation of the forum. For those requesting assistance through the forum, it really helps in three different ways if you check the “Solved” box after receiving a satisfactory solution:

  1. it lets the responder(s) and site administrators know that the problem got resolved;
  2. for those of us who scan the forum regularly looking to assist, it makes it much easier to identify problems that are still open (i.e., minimizes the chances of any questions “falling through the cracks”); and
  3. it allows members with the same problem in the future to search the forum for relevant posts and see that there is a solution available.
  • Brian

Thank you so much, Apprecite your response, I was sent this post (The earliest): Cohort Analysis Data Model Design Need Your Advise

When I didn’t found any response to my latest question update I enhanced the question and I post this new one:
: Creating Active/Inactive Customers in Time Based Cohort analysis

So please consider answering the latest question.

Thank you

I believe the main issue here is quite clear.

The questions your asking on the forum are consistently not adhering to the rules of forum.

You have continued to ask questions which are well outside the scope of what the forum has been intended to support. If you look back at the history of all of your questions you have taken up well in excess of 20 hours of support time, maybe more.

A lot of your questions have started in one place and then ended up in a totally another place taking up a significant amount of time.

The forum was developed and has been managed to enable members to really learn and master Power BI. I feel we and our support crew are doing everything we can to support all members to do this. But at the same time members need to understand the rules and help us help you.

In the forum we strive to add in support and content that can enable you to learn how to do a lot of this work yourself. Not actually to do it for you on ongoing basis.

For example,

Your previous questions had multiple aspects to them in each forum post and are without doubt consulting type questions not one off support questions where say a video tutorial or some simple example could be added to help you.

Also these questions that you’re asking can take well in excess of 20 to 30 minutes to actually answer. You need to focus more around the concepts of what you need so that we can add videos or tutorials to solve those particular concepts, not have to work through your entire model and scenario and solve the entire thing for you.

All things in Power BI can be solved relatively simply if the concepts and theoretical knowledge is understood well.

I have included the forum rules again below for you. Please review these in depth.

Unfortunately because this is about the third time that I’ve had to add these rules in a post to you we will have to look at maybe further action if they aren’t followed.


Thank you Sam for your comment , For the topic of the question I followed the rules as I understood it relates to (Dax), for the first question I agree about what you’ve been said in the answering of the question but I’m not able to delete it from my side cuz I don’t have security privilege to delete because it does not require support from your perspective (I respect it totally).

For the second question I was discussing with you for the concept of considering the customer lost (unsubscribe or active/inactive) and how can I gain benefits from (Time based cohort) if the business case in an organization doesn’t have a column to mention if the customer is (Activ/Inactive).
I did follow all your useful tutorial and completely solved the problem but in little scopes of the case didn’t get some results correctly, I was asked your advice about it that is the whole case, I included with the question also the materials of the solution as you mentioned in the rules of the forum to share knowledge by all members. If the Question topic is not related under (DAX) I agree with you that I have a mistake in the rules of the forum and give my apology for you but guide me to the right track topic, If the topic of the question is related to (DAX) then I choose the right track but under my understanding I can ask a question if I find a challenge when I implement the good solutions gained from tutorials you provide in this side which I gained much knowledge from it (all of us as a members appreciate this tutorial).
Anyway thank you for your feedback and you can delete the question if you find it not useful but I suggest for you to prevent any misunderstanding by the forum members like my case in the future to support your forum rules with some sample example questions that are not useful according to the forum rules that I fully respect it. In the end, I believe there is no disagrees between brothers (a member of this forum community and the leader) and again sorry for any disturb.

Thank you and have a nice day brother.