Login Issues After Recent Update

I recently installed the May update to Power BI Desktop. I use Power BI Desktop on my work computer to do some of my personal development and EDNA Workouts. I have my onmicrosoft.com that I have never had a problem with logging in. Received the following error message:

Any suggestions??

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Here is a flow of what happens.

Hello Matthew,

Question: Have you spoken with your IT folks to determine if there is anything that would prevent the application from otherwise authenticating? I would start with them first.

The screenshot you posted includes the URL seen below:

" Unable to sign in
Sorry, we encountered an error while trying to sign you in. Details:
Desktop applications wanting to use the broker need to provide their
window handle. See https://aka.ms/msal-net-wam#parent-window-handles

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Hello @mbraun Matthew,

What was the cause of your issue that prevented the May 2023 release of Power BI Desktop from Signing In when using your personal Microsoft Account credentials? This would be helpful to other Forum members.

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This can be closed I tried several options and somehow they worked