Locking the filter in power query

in the attached file suppose the dataset is in a particular folder.
When a query is creato get only the result for " Adventure works " for somone to analyze the data
from the tab query Adventure Works, this tab will be in a seperate xls file
next a similar query for another manufacturer to analyze

continue .
to analyze an other set of data again in a seperate xls file

how can I prevent that a user changes the filter setting.
the user has only access to his proper dataset and no access to onbther data

kind regards and thanks in advance


sample set .xlsx (458.1 KB)

Hi Roger,

Why not consider RLS?

Create Excel workbooks with refreshable Power BI data from the Power BI Service. Row-level security (RLS) and object-level security (OLS) are supported for both Analyze in Excel and Export with Live Connection.

I hope this is helpful

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