Live tile in Start menu does not work

there is a way to pin a dashboard as a live title into the Windows 10 start menu:
You need the Power BI app from the app store, which is only a native report viewer, not the Power BI Desktop report editor.

I tried this and it works, but the tile is not really live. It’s only black, I don’t see a visual:
You actually should see a KPI visual from Power BI.

Has anyone ever worked with this? Do yo know how to fix this? Does it work only with specific visuals, or SSRS reports or are there any other preconditions that have to be met?

Thank you in advance!


Hi Martin,

As I read it, it’s more like a shortcut to the dashboard. When you tap the tile on the Start screen, the dashboard opens in the Power BI mobile app for Windows 10.

But you can vote for it here:


Hi Martin,

Melissa is right this is currently a shortcut and doesn’t mean you can actually see the visuals or KPIs. This functionality currently allows you to pin it the menu and then when clicked will open the dashboard up in the mobile app for Windows 10.


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Hi Melissa,
thank you for the link. I voted! But I think, it is already supposed to work as described in the featrure request and it is rather a bug. The tile opens the dashboard with a click on it. That part is working fine. And you can switch between normal tile and live mode. But then the only change is that the tile switches from yellow to black. I think this is either not functioning as intended in general - aka a bug :wink: - or my setup does not match the preconditions. So I wonder whether someone already saw this working.
Best regards,

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