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Linking between tables in my data model

Dear All,
Please help me in this situation.
I have the data model as below:

In which the table " PHONG_BAN_HANG " with two columns " TINH" and “PBH” was created from two tables Data_TT and Data_TS.
If I select data “TINH” of the table “TINH”, it impacts to data of tables : Data_TT, Data_TS, PHONG_BAN_HANG.
My problem is that when I select data from “PBH” of the table “PHONG_BAN_HANG”, it doesn’t impact to 2 table Data_TT and Data_TS:

As shown in the picture, if I select “PBH” on slicer, data on the left side do not change.
Please advise me how to select data “PBH” of the table “PHONG_BAN_HANG” that can get data of 2 tables Data_TT and Data_TS.

Thank you for any help.

I would suggest that you bring in TEN_TINH column from TINH table to PHONG_BAN_HANG Table. Then you can create a Unique Key Column by concatenating TINH and PBH columns in PHONG_BAN_HANG table. You can replicate this concatenation in Data_TT and Data_TS tables. You can then remove TINH table and redirect all the relationships to PHONG_BAN_HANG Table from Data_TT and Data_TS Tables based on Concatenation column. This would solve your filtering hierarchy issue. Also, instead of using 2 filters, you can use a single hierarchical filter containing TINH and PBH.


Hi Pranamg,
Thank you for your suggestion. I will follow it.

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I’m sorry for my late reply. Yes, The suggestion from @pranamg helped me to solve the problem. Thank you again.

Hi Jennie, just to add to what has already been discussed you can watch some youtube videos on star methodology in Power BI because that will help you think of ways to clean and structure your raw imported data into dimension and fact tables using power query, so you avoid these model issues in the future.

Hope this helps


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