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Lines/Spacing on Matrix Visualisation

Hi I am trying to see what is possible around presenting a matrix visualisation.

want to end up with something as close to this as possible

Can add the top line but my questions are

  1. Is there any way I can get the bottom line to show above the total?
  2. IS there any way to put in the blank row at the bottom of the table. Normally I would connect to this data via a live connection so won’t have the option of creating a blank record in the source data to pad this out.
    Matrix Lines.pbix (27.9 KB)

Bumping this post

Hi @farmboy - Unfortunately Answer to both your question is NO. Power BI doesn’t have this flexibility as of now. You can add a Line below the Total but not above it. Similarly, Blank Row cannot be inserted above Total without modifying the dataset.

Ankit J