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Line Chart - Year and Month Displaying

I am getting back into Power BI (after a short hiatus). I can’t remember if this is possible. I want to show Year and Month on a visual. Not like the first picture (picture#1) where they are concatenated but like Picture #2

Picture #1

Picture #2

I know this is probably something simple just an oversight on my part.

Hi @mbraun,
Thanks for posting your query in the forum.

To show the months above and the year below, you can disable the Concatenate labels option.



Didn’t work for me? Is there an order of operations that I am doing wrong?

@jafernandezpuga - Let me know your thoughts when you have an opportunity

Hello @mbraun

To achieve expected result (unconcatenated labels) I genuinely recommend to sort x-axis first.
Looking at the screen we can tell that given period are not in chronological order, thus they are resistant for being structured (unconcatenated). You can apply preferable sorting using “…” options.

All best!

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Found a YouTube - Link

(59) Trick to Turn-Off Concatenation On X-axis in Power BI - YouTube

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Hi @mbraun, looks like you’ve made progress on your query on your own. Do you still need any assistance here? If none, kindly close this thread by tagging a post as “solution”. Thanks!