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Line Chart with fixed axis scales and increments?

Hi All

Does anyone know if there’s a line chart visualisation available that allows you to set the Y axis (or X axis I guess) start, scale and increment values?
I have a specific need to show different data sets in separate charts but all with the same Y axis scale and increment values. By increment values, I mean the Y axis labels - so, $200,000 increments for example as per the screenshot below.



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Hello you should be able to use this control


you can set the value and range by going into the “Format” tab


You can also have dual Y axis with different ranges

set y2 axis to On

Does this help?

Hi C9411010
Thanks for your feedback.
That’s the chart I’m currently using and have explored the formatting options. Unfortunately, whilst you can adjust the start value, you cannot set the axis scale and increments which is what I’m looking for.

unfortunately setting the start and end value is the only way I know…
pls vote on the requirement to move it up on the priority list

Will do - thank you.