Limiting or stopping further FILTER

I have been trying to develop some KPI targets in a retail setting with a number of shops. I have a number of measures like sales per shop, Premises cost as % of income. By ranking the shops by profitability I have also now been able to Filter all of these measures down to the high performing shops which I am setting as targets.

What I am struggling with now is how I ‘fix’ those measures so that when I put them into filters they don’t filter any further i.e when I filter by individual shops. I have used the ALL function in the past to remove all filters but is there an equivalent that stops any further filtering.

My workaround for this has so far been to have the ‘benchmarks’ as static cards and I have edited the interactions with the sliders to not change them any further. I then have the actuals next to the static cards and you can eyeball the difference.

I would really like to use the KPI visuals and since I need the visual to filter with the slide this is why I need to ‘fix’ or 'prevent further filtering of the target field for that visual.

So I am imagining the DAX formula looks something like this if I was calculating the Sales per shop (Total sales divided by number of shops) target by isolating last years performance of the high ranking shops.

Calculate (Sales per shop,
FiIter (dates, date(fiscalyear) = “2019”,
Filter (Sales, Sales(salesranking) = “High”
and then STOP… But what is this function?

I hope this has made clear what I am after. If anyone can steer me to the an area to go look at that might solve this I would really appreciate it.

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Hi @AllanL

Based on the description and my understanding, you are already on the right track by using static Card visuals and stopping interaction with Slicers or using ALL/RemoveFilter DAX functions in Target measure to disable the affect of slicer.

There is no option to disable all Slicers access permanently other than Edit Interaction or using DAX function.

One thing you can try is putting Target values in a Calculated Table using DAX expressions and remove Relationship with the other tables. This will allow Target to remain static instead of filters. This may work but need more inputs like exact requirements, sample PBIX to test it out.

Hope, this is helpful. If you have any other specific query please ask.

Ankit J

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