Length in minutes/hours on the Courses

Hi there,

I’m just wondering if the total number of minutes for each video course could be shown. This would give all of us information on how much time are involved for the each course. (time management)

What does everyone think?


I see the time is mentioned with the video titles.

Hi @AntrikshSharma,

Yes i know that but what i mean to state it on each video on the course main screen instead of going into each individual course to figure it out. Also it doesn’t state total minutes for the course when you go into it.


Hi @Keith. If such a total time is added by eDNA, you may need to take it with a grain of salt, as when I’ve done courses I’ve been reviewing the resources and building my own PBIX’s alongside watching the videos, so I’ve been frequently pausing and resuming the videos. IMO, the total course time would not be an accurate reflection on how long I would “spend” on a course. Greg