Learning Plan Issue / Question

I have a learning plan DAX for Power BI Analysis - Seems that I have one more thing to finish but I am not sure what needs to be done. Under DAX workouts - I click on the link and it opens the forum page for DAX workouts - I guess I am not sure what I need to do to get “Credit” and finish the section of the learning plan.

Thanks in advance.

I double checked there were 20 something DAX Workouts and I did about 2/3 of them. Seems like no matter what I do, this part of the learning plan won’t update.

@SamMcKay - Is there anything specific? Do I need to do all the workouts?

all My workouts on the main page is also zero % which i have completed some of them too.


Seems to that I also have not ability to participate in workouts through Learning center.

It was moved to Project center and Forum category Workouts.

workouts are inthe forum and the 50 xp points are given with the solution is completed on the forum.

the % on each workout section isn’t being applied on the main screen for some reason.

@Keith ) - I am so much worried about the workouts per se. I want to have Learning Plan be 100% for some things and this seems to be the hold up. Clearly in this plan I only have the one thing circled left but I can “figure out” how to complete it so this particular plan is closed.

i know that feeling @mbraun i have a lot of learning plan fully completed but still not 100% but they seem that can’t get it 100%…i’ve sent so many email message to customer support and can’t get it corrected. (


I’ll look into this with team and see how we can make it more intuitive and seamless

@SamMcKay - Thanks, much appreciated.

@mbraun @Keith Thanks for raising these concerns. We’ll continue working on a permanent fix as we speak. Please allow us time to complete it and we will send you an update on our thread via CS correspondence. Our Devs are working with us on this. Appreciate your patience.

@AngieClaireVerdadero Thanks. Just want to male sure the site is running as intended

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