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Hi All,

I am trying to build any sample dashboard where I can help employees of the organization to enroll for the courses ie. e-learning with the help of the skills data-set employees
For Example : I am a person who is very good in Report-Creation manually in MS-Excel and also having Database knowledge to fetch data.
Now,I want to make a dashboard where I can suggest Learning courses to the above employee so he/she can enhance their skills.
Do we have any dashboard like this with Enterprise DNA?
Thank you so much in advance

Hi @Nisha ,

when I started with Enteprise DNA - I looked at:

Help me a lot.

On new platform there are little bit different solution but there is also Learning path.

Good luck.

Hi @Nisha, @mspanic is right. This sounds like our Learning Map where courses are recommended based on skills assessment and learning goals.

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