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Latest Method to connect to Xero Database

Looking for how users are currently connecting to the Xero App since the removal of the Microsoft Connector earlier this year from Power BI.

Looking for low cost options preferred, any help would be appreciated.


just to be certain that all options are explored, I feel I have to mention that Xero has a handful of apps listed on their own website that integrate well between Xero and Power Bi
DISCAIMER: I have not used any of these, and have only explored cost based on clicking the ‘Get this App’ button on the Xero website.

  • Etanie Business Platform: has three plans, ranging from 360/m to 1,200/m (us dollars)
  • Acterys: according to the page you can sign up for Acterys using your Xero login details (not sure if this means it’s free with Xero or not). NOTE: I also found an Acterys/Xero app in the Apps listed on the Power Bi service.
  • OdataLink: again, according to the page you can sign up for this using your Xero login details (no idea if this means it’s free for Xero users or what)

The above info is listed here:

Regarding the official connector, apparently it was Xero that removed that, and other than “low usage levels” no reason was given. One user in 2022 (July 6th to be exact) did ask how to connect Xero to PowerBI, and the response on the forum was to raise a ticket with the support team so “we can give you a hand here”.

I did find a couple of companies that advertise connectors for Xero and PowerBi (search: Power BI Xero Connector) - but as I have not used any of them, I really cannot make any recommendations. Also, as with most of these types of connectors, they require contact with the company making the request before providing any type of quote. :frowning:

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We have been using SyncHub to access our xero data for a while now (maybe 3 years) works very well, never had a problem with it.


Thank you for your reply - I will take a look

Thank you for your detailed reply - I did do some reading one those apps as well, may the odata is worth a try

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Good luck with your hunt, I know it can be frustrating to lose access to a tool your team has come to depend on.

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