Large Dataset & powerquery to transform the data into a better Model?

M has been inordinately slow. I have a older ICore 7 with 32 GB of memory.

Here are two links Fire (1,048,575) & EMS (17,259,884) rows:

NYC Fire:

It makes it diffilcult to build a model. Any suggestions within PowerBI? I am trying it inside SQL Server.

yup just loaded the data to SQL server and the PBI takes around 1 minute to load the data. Looks like you will have to do data modelling in SQL server. Load time decreased a bit when I removed the datetime & primary key column, try to work on that too, you may not need data at minute and seconds granularity.

A simple count and group by took minutes whereas the count in was sub second return. I am looking into creating views for tables and will share the code if anyone is interested.

Antriksh Sharma, thnaks for the quick reply.