KPI VIsual Issues In Target

Hi All,

I’m facing issue with my targets in my KPI visual.
The target is coming correct when I see it in card or table but it’s showing blank in KPI visual.

I’ve attached the PBIX also for the reference.

Sales Incentive Dashboard.pbix (1.8 MB)


Hi Ankit
I have seen your file and if we change Trend Axis to “Disb Mon & Year”, it shows the values. Please let me know if this solves your problem.

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Hi @NajahS

Thanks, I tried that, but I’m looking for tradeline as well.

So if you’ll use my Disb measure instead of Disb KPI and then use disb date you can see something like this, but this gives wrong results.

Hi @kkrj.ankit

Sorry maybe I haven’t been clear in my previous post, I meant to say if you use Disb Mon and Year in trend Axis instead of Disb Date, it gives the results without showing blank, it is just because of the data granularity difference I assume. I was trying ti with different measures so might have forgotten to change the Indictor back to Disb KPI.

Hope it would solve the problem, if not please do let me know.

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Sure thanks