Keeping same header name for different tables

Is there any way to change the header name in tables (without needing to change the measure name? i.e. I have multiple tables and in each one I have a “CY” (Current Year) and “LY” (Last Year), but each one is pulling data from a different source and therefore has a different measure. Each measure has to have a unique name, therefore unable to call all of them “CY”. Is there a way to manually change the column headers?

Hi @Stuart,

I hope I’ve interpreted you question correctly. As far as I know there’s one option and that is to rename items in the Values section. Just right click on the field value and select Rename.
So you’ll have to set that up once manually.

Which is a good thing because otherwise it would be impossible to ‘know’ what each CY and LY measure represents…

I hope this is helpful.

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Hi @Stuart,

I found this that might help

You might be able to change the query to get what you want.

I hope this helps.