Joining two tables using append queries


I am using append query to join two tables & I have the following error message


When I navigate to the query editor by clicking on the ‘error message’ I don’t see the details.

What could be the reason. Can you please clarify !



Did you clean up each query before trying to append? At least one row in a column in one table has an error. You can remove the errors within the query editor (Remove Rows->Remove Errors), or fix the cause for the error on the source file so that is is not brought into the data model


Yes, it looks like you have 1658 rows that have errors in them that need to be cleaned up.

This is very common with big data sources.

Errors could come in lots of different ways. It could be that the column could be numeric and then there are text values (this happens a lot)

When you click view errors, the query editor will break out the error columns in a new query so you can see which rows are impacted…then you will need to go back to the original query and clean up the data.

This is the only way to solve this and it’s very important to become familiar with the query editor because of this.

Chrs, Sam


The error was because the column was formatted as number but it also had text. I had fixed the problem.

But the error does not show up when I close and apply the particular query. Only when I merge the query and do close and apply I get the error.


It looks like cleaning up the appended data is the way to fix this one. Shouldn’t take long with the query editor. That’s what it’s perfect for


If the error occurs when you’re merging the queries, perhaps the types for a particular field are clashing