Issues with Dynamic measure Visuals

Trying to create a Dynamic Visual in other to switch a slicer, i have created the table and set up the first measure which is below
But i am having issues with the Switch Measure as the Initiator and Supporter Column cannot be found.

Initiator and Supporter are two different columns in two different tables but i have a Many to Many Relationship setup for them.

Please what can be the issue, have checked online but can’t seem to find the answer to why Initiator and Supporter Column is not coming up

Hi @aroloyefolajimi,

You’re referencing a naked table[column], that is not allowed.

What is your objective, can the Complaint[Initiator] return a scalar value since you have a M2M relationship? Please share a sample PBIX so members can better assist you. Thanks!

@Melissa Complaint[Initiator] and ComplaintId[Supporter] is what i am referencing, they are two different tables and they contains Names which is text.

What i am trying to achieve is that, when i click Initiator Tab, it should only show me all the names of Initiators as Filters in a Table when i have created already and vice versa when i click Supporter. So, i should be able to switch between Initiator and Supporter

Okay so SWITCH can only return a scalar value so that’s not an option in your scenario.

Instead I would suggest you look into: Buttons, Actions and Bookmarks. You can find a short video in the topic below but this technique is very versatile.

Just a quick note, when using Buttons in Power BI Desktop you have to hold down CTRL + Click (however that is not required in the Service).

I hope this is helpful.

@Melissa Thanks for the suggestion, i know how to use Buttons, Actions and Bookmarks but was thinking Using Switch will help me with it.

Really appreciate you if taking your time with me today, I have another request that i am logging very soon, i hope you can help me with it as well :smiley: